Don't get any responses from C2 sometimes

Why don’t I get any response from C2 when I send a signal? Sometimes I don’t get any ‘accepted’ or ‘error’ response or anything. How long should I wait for a response? Shall I just send in the signals and not wait for a reply? Just assume C2 got the signal? I think your server gets overloaded - specially at 9:30 AM.

I have the same issue. C2’s servers are slow to report fills during open and close market conditions. Not sure how they can solve this other than with more/faster servers.


I think we acknowledged your signal entry this morning within 10 seconds. Are you sure you are parsing things correctly or that your software is working right? What are you using to send HTTP GETs and to parse responses? Hand-rolled code? Some commercial library? What language are you programming in?

You can send me your detailed logs by email if you would like further help. Helpful logs contain the raw strings sent and received plus timestamps that I can cross-compare with server logs. Please email me privately at matthew at rather than posting your logs here on the forum.

The other post was about duplicating signal ID’s that don’t seem to matter too much and this one is about not getting return strings sometimes.

I use my own VB6 code to connect Wealth-Lab to IB TWS and am now trying to get it connected reliably to C2. In the future I will just assume my signal got to C2 unless I get an ‘error’ in a return string in which case I will handle it manually.

I just don’t think that assuming things got to C2 no matter what is going to lead to good results.

You should check the HTTP responses. I just can’t believe there’s consistently no response every time you send a signal.

I can believe that, in the case of “bad stuff” happening, you might get an empty response, or an Error 500 or Error 404, but a just-plain no response? All the time? That indicates to me there may be something wrong with your code. Are you saying you get zero response every time you try to connect? Or only sometimes?

I think you are just playing with me. You know there is a problem but you do not want to admit C2 is not perfect. As I have said, it is NOT all the time. It only happens SOMETIMES. It is INTERMITTANT. 90% of the time I get a response - ‘accepted’ or ‘error’. I check for the XML HTTP string responses.