Trading Window


Would it be possible to have the option to enter either Quantity of shares or Dollar Amount?

The Dollar Amount would be especially helpful when you use the “park” option and don’t know the actual price the the security will be.

Fo example, If I want to invest $5,000 at 10AM tomorrow in security ABC I have to enter the number of shares. If the stock gaps up, I may be more invested than the $5,000 I desire.

This Dollar Amount option is currently available from brokers like TDA and others.

Thank you.


I first made this suggestion back on 6/24/09 ("Subject: Suggestion For C2 Trade Entry") and then again on this recent thread. Neither of my posts received a reply.

Would you provide a response to this request?

Ok, thanks for the suggestion. It’s now in the database that we use to keep track of suggestions and feedback, and we’ll see if it’s possible to add in the future. I have no estimate yet about when this can be implemented. It does seem like a useful feature and I do appreciate your suggestion.

Thank you Matthew,

It is important when you wish to keep your portfolio equally distributed amoung multiple securities. For lower priced securities a gap Up/Down can cause a large qualtity change when wishing to invest a fixed dollar amount.