Show dividend payment history

Is there a way to show dividend payments in the recently closed trades? I may be overlooking something, but it seems like there is absolutely now way to view history for anything but capital gains.

I would really like the ability to see some kind of statement for my system.

Seems like a crucial feature to my system because I invest only in Dividend paying securities and there’s no way to verify if it’s correct.


Yeah, it’s true that there was no way to see an itemized list of all dividends received or paid. But I fixed that today. Now, on your system page, in the box labeled Model Account Status, you’ll see a link that says “Dividends Itemized.” Click on the link and a pop-up window will appear, itemizing all dividends.

That’s pretty cool. Should work for my purposes. Thanks!

Will you be rolling this out to all systems? It’d be nice to be able to see this information for bond and other income-oriented systems.