Site Downtime Info

I want to keep everyone informed about the status of the site.

As you know, we’ve been working on upgrading the site by adding a lot of fancy new hardware. Last night we brought the site down to install our new database server.

And things worked beautifully. For about 12 hours, the site flew and was very responsive. I began to craft my forum post to the C2 community, about how the new hardware upgrades heralded a Brand New Era of site speed and perfection.

And then today at 8:44 AM ET, the new server crashed (a bad RAID controller, apparently, for those that are interested.)

We reverted back to the old hardware (at the cost of some downtime this morning, for which I apologize). Now we’re up and running, and – in terms of site speed – back to where we were yesterday at this time.

We have a high-end service contract and should get the new hardware repaired shortly.

I apologize for today’s downtime.

Hopefully we’ll get the new hardware back online soon.


no problem, just I lost on position instead of making))))

Thank you Matthew for all your hard work in bringing "The trading system authority" up to speed.

". . .the site flew and was very responsive." sounds really good.gA