So who is Inga German?

Who is Inga German (c2-profile-42928705#) and more importantly what is her objective?

Her avatar is the Russian actress, Natalya Gundareva, who died in Moscow in 2005. Inga German joined C2 in Sep/09 and has provided intelligent and interesting comments on more than 50 systems in her system notebook. Every review is negative and, of course, time usually proves her correct as most systems do fail.

To sustain this unrewarding passion, Inga German must also be profiting either as a subscriber or as a system vendor (with a different user name). So Inga, which is it? If you are a veteran subscriber, it would be very helpful if you could give us noobs some clues about which systems you trade instead of which not to trade. If you are a system vendor, perhaps you could steer us in the direction of your system(s) which must be better than the ones that you have reviewed.

Best wishes to all

subscribe to 10 new systems and trade exactly in the opposite direction, the 8 or 9 that fail will bring you much more profit then the 1 or 2 that are profitable

Well said! There must be something motivating Inga to hang out for 3 years… if only any of us knew what it was.

I will not comment on Inga German in particular, but rather give my opinion on a "subscriber" whose specialty 100% of the time is to bash bad and good systems alike, systems getting a recent C2 review or growing attention. For those who have been at C2 for some years, it is easy to spot this type of behaviour. My belief is that such "subcriber" is either the supporter of a developer (or the developer himself) whose system is on C2. Which system? Hard to say, as there are many… but obviously one that has not been bashed in the commentaries of that "subscriber".

Hahaha!!! Good one Mr Eydelman. Maybe C2 could provide an inverse autotrader so we could take the opposite direction of some of these systems.

PS - Your Options 787 system looks interesting. I am not sure how I would have found it with a Grid search. I wonder what Inga German would say about this system.

she would say 38% return last year and 20%-30% this year is not good, lol