Some questions...about my trading

I really enjoy trading with my new system THINK BIG, stock only

i found the C2 Score as interesting top secret parameter. i got 86 Value and i open the Grid to see 86 score is good or bad and what is my rating compering other system - but i didnt find this parameter in the Grid. why? would you like to add this later this year? its nice to see my system value

second - i open the system with 1,000,000$ buy in the system i see the grid telling the world that i run 25,000.

does it mean that peoplea with 25K cold copy my trade? what about people with less money? does running big money system make it harder to followr for trader with less money or you simply change the number od stock that less money trader will buy?

last q - can i track my real IB account (same account) wth different systems - one for stocks one for options?

keep this great site amazing!

1 more…same about C2 heart attack index - why is not in the grid?

Why no answer to my many questions?

You can include the C2 Score in the grid. Click the wrench icon to change which columns are displayed. (The Heart Attack Index is not available in the grid).

As for your other questions, I am afraid we must try to overcome our language barrier - I am not 100% certain that I fully understand them. But let me try my best… I think you may be asking the following: You started your model account with $1M, but C2 analyzed your trading style and determined it was possible to run your system with $25,000. So, yes, that means AutoTraders will be able to scale down your trades.

You can only map one brokerage account to one C2 strategy. So if you have an IB account U1234, that can run a single C2 strategy.

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Thanks and sorry for my bad English

In my ‘think big’ system 1 put $1,000,000 and I understand that the system scale it to $25,000.

Does it mean that any follower will need minimum 25,000 usd to copy my account or he-she could use my strategy with less money? How much?

Could you also explain how the system monthly costs take into account with each trade. Is there any place where I can see my gains without commisin

…without commissions and system costs

Is that for subscribers or developers ? Thats important …

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Your subscribers (or “followers”) can scale your system to any % they like when they AutoTrade it. C2 may suggest $25,000 as a minimum size for some stock systems because strategies that trade stocks and trigger day-trading rules in the USA would require that account size.

I suggest you learn more about how the whole process works by just subscribing to a few systems yourself, using the Simulated Broker Account. (You can select a system with a free trial period.) This will help you understand the process from a subscriber’s (follower’s) point of view.

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Actually, this applies to both leaders and followers.

So, as a follower, you can follow as many strategies as you like in one single brokerage account.

Also, you can set up more than one broker account, so that - for example - Strategy A gets traded in broker account #1234, and Strategy B gets traded in broker account #9876.

However, the limitation we are talking about is as follows: once you subscribe to Strategy A and decide to use broker account #1234 to AutoTrade it, you cannot also have that same exact strategy executed in a second broker account #9876. The only workaround for this is to set up a second C2 user identity, and subscribe a second time to the strategy, in the second broker account.

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that’s a good point, will do that.