Please fix the software

I try to place a bean oil trade and get a crazy message from c2 software. i notice that it says i lost over 100K today in the c2 account. In the mirror real money account i am up today over $300 today. I would like to not complain please help and fix the software.

Same problem for me. Wrong performance and it is impossible to place orders.

I receive this message: error Symbol Not Found

Same problems on @NQZ6. Impossible to input any order at all right now. Strange!

I can see my open position but when I want to close it, it is missing in trade page.

We had a quote feed outage for several hours this morning between (approximately) 1AM and 4:52 AM.

The problem is now fixed. This resulted in several problems, including erroneous marking-to-market or Model Accounts and incorrect stats, and inability to place orders.

The problem is now fixed. The incorrect stats are being re-calculated (it may take several hours for all re-calcs to be completed).

I am sorry this happened. I am looking at the cause and how we could have either prevented this or made its effects less severe.


Max Drawdown on my system Drunk Uncle jumped from 10% to 46% overnight for no reason… I presume this is one of the stats that should be recalculated correctly in a few hours?

Yes, that was the cause of the incorrect Max Drawdown stat. This has been fixed now for Drunk Uncle.

Yes, it’s fixed now. Thanks!