New Email Format

Over the last few months, it has become increasingly clear that email fromat used to alert people about New Trade Signals has become outmoded. When I started Collective2, I thought people would enter a simple trade signal, and then the system would email it to subscribers: one email per one trade signal.

Then came Conditional Orders, Once Cancels Another (OCA) orders, parked orders, Cancel and Replace orders …

All of these new order types meant that the one-email per signal paradigm became hard to read. If you are only being sent one order at a time, how are you supposed to know which order is part of an OCA group? Which one is a conditional?

For this reason, I’ve written a new emailing system which delivers signal “dispatches.” Any time a new order is entered, the software gathers together all of the recent orders, puts them into a pleasant format, and then emails the whole batch. Brand new signals (i.e. signals you have never seen before) are still prominently highlighted, so that you know what is new and what is old. But now, at least, you’ll be able to put orders into a larger context.

As always, I welcome your feedback about this. I think the new system is an improvement, but if I’m wrong, please let me know.


Hi Matthew

I have just entered new orders for my systems and instead of receiving an e-mail with the new orders, I have received an e-mail showing the day orders which automatically expired earlier at the end of the day. I will forward one of them to your e-mail so that you can see what I mean.


- Fanus

Holy moly! What a confusing mess. It may be because I’m viewing a text mode (as opposed to html) version, but after reading the trade signals, I’m not sure what even my own system is doing!

Expiring and cancelled trades are marked New, and new trades say that they are being replaced by another - even tho they’re new. Or so it appears. Positions that are closed out are shown as if they’re a fresh order. At least that’s how it appears to me. Anybody have an Advil? I need one after trying to interpret that email.

Agreed. The first email you get in the new format will mark everything single trade as New, since it is ‘new’ to the new email-program! After that, things will settle down and only truly new stuff will get highlighted as new.

Give me a little time to do some tweaking… I’ll ask for your feedback again after I’ve had a chance to fool around with it. Hang in there. I think it will be worth it.

Does this mean the actual orders will still get sent out? I have entered orders hours ago which still say e-mail pending.


- Fanus

This problem has now been fixed. I emailed you individually with further explanation. - MK