Start up and setup

Hi I’ve combed the FAQ etc but can’t figure this out. If I start with a new system will I automatically receive any open trades a system has? If he bought at 3 with a target of 6, now trading at 5, will I get a trade entry at 5? And can I trick this by starting up with just a 5% scaling? (assuming he’s not trading just one contract etc)

Thanks. Any other tips and tricks on autotrade and autosync would help, would be great if there was a real ongoing user forum for stuff like this…maybe there is but I can’t find it?

Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

Yes, for Gen3 AutoTrade, if you start AutoTrading a system while the system has an open trade, you will enter at the market price to join the trade. In theory, this means your marked-to-market performance will match the system’s from the moment in time that you turn on the trading.

You can try to manipulate the trade sizes by setting a low scaling % to enter, but I doubt it’s worth doing this. In my opinion, if you think a system is worth following, then follow it, and try to match the performance of the system from the moment when you make the decision to trade it.