Stop loss

Your stop loss settings are inacurate. This is the 4th time i used it and has failed. Please fix this problem as its very important.

asap we are paying u Money…lotsa of it too so please FIX IT

your after hour quotes are all wrong…that is a major problem…please fix this too…you cant be in this biz with these two problems…

and this is the 5th time it has happened to me. so forget about your silly new ratings …how about fixing this stuff…

How about you write me an email detailing exactly what you think is wrong.

Hehe… True. Just a little mad about the whipsaw that occured yesterday… will do.

Sent you an email…and sorry about prior post… (I have bad grammar …avoided english classes in College)

Can we trade afterhours?..seems we can if one of my stop losses was filled at 4.01 pm.

I never trade afterhours as it doesnt represent what may or may not occur technically. This changes the game completely and therefore we cannot use stop losses properly.

I am sure this is a mistake and will fix that error and future errors.

Thanks …(like i said before…I was ticked off that the NDX had a washout yesterday)

The @ER2 futures contract trades through 16:15 each day. It then shuts down briefly until 16:30. There is no after-hours for this electronic contract. Except for the shutdown period, it trades 24 hours each day.

In any case, the contract did indeed hit a low of 728 at 4:01 pm yesterday (according to 2 separate data feeds), so Collective2, while perhaps silly about other matters, is right about this one.

Not my Interactive brokers account.

That trade made me 12k not -2k … Never ever saw 729.

So if thats the case…then I will never ever ever ever use stop losses…never again. 5th time is enough.

I will accept the loss but…

Ahh…There is a clock near the RUT futures saying its a day/night exchange when it isnt really.

Why not the NDX/SPX/INDU futures as well then?

I cant make stop losses that get hit in afterhours as afterhours trading means nothing.

I got cheated on that trade. . So…we cant use stop losses here at all… thats sad.

Peter A.

I often trade Russel after hours on IB…


I don’t understand your post. Can you explain it a bit more clearly? Sorry for being dense. You seem to be complaining about the yellow clock next to the Russell futures symbol. Please explain exactly what the issue is, and I will see if I can resolve it without making you sad.