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Strange Execution at Delayed Quote Phenomenon


Usually C2 execution price is identical to actual real-time market price is an impressive and outstanding technological achievement, and has been absolutely perfect for over a year, but since 02-06-2018 noticing some errors with futures trades intermittently for some but not all trades with no pattern to it

Entries and exits for market orders are at old prices (delayed quote) As an example attaching a screen-capture of a Gold QGCJ8 trade on 02-09-2018

In the screen-capture, notice the executed price for a BUY QGCJ8 contract is 1315.1 in the C2 order entry. However at that moment the actual Market price is 1316.2 latest tape 1316.1 That is a 1 point difference.

Larger 5 point differences have also occurred and of course in fast moving markets a few minutes is a lifetime Is anyone else experiencing intermittent execution errors in their trading systems involving Futures? Thanks


Better to send this to Be sure to include the specific signal id number for which you want us to look at the audit trail.



Appreciate your response, have pursued this with Help since 02/06 there are several help tickets opened for specific trades as well I was on this the moment it started occurring Opened the forum thread to see if this was something unique case or others seeing this as well because if it is wide-spread or well known issue I don’t want to keep pinging Help incessantly it’s weird because it’s intermittent It does the delayed quote thing for say couple of hours and then returns to normal really disrupts the trading plan and positions it’s not impacting auto-trade somehow is a good thing



This happened to my system for 5+ trades this morning. Entries and exits were off by a dozen+ ticks. Like the original poster guessed your data for prices is not accurate when systems fill market orders. I will be sending you an email with details but the original poster is correct with stating your quotes for futures is way off at intermittent points because the other trades throughout the day were reflective of where the market was trading.


A couple screen shots of the discrepancies my system saw today. This happened on more trades then the ones I am posting screen shots for. It was very noticeable around 9:50 EST but also happened later in the day on a CL trade. End result was C2 reporting that my system was up around $300 after commissions when actual results were +$1604. I realize slippage can occur but it seems that C2 is filling orders on a previous 1-5 minute bar which I cannot determine any logic or pattern behind this phenomenon. Other periods in the day the fills are pretty accurate and within the range of the bar but as you can see in these screen shots the fills are taking place outside of the range of the bar in random trades on multiple futures.


Believe this issue now may be fixed Very precise executions with no delay looks like it’s back to normal. Thank you C2 for addressing this.