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Strategies not busted in the crash



Mark do you hold overnight?

No, with very few exceptions, and those trades would be deep in the money; thus, a reason to take profit anyway… I am not opposed to an after hours trade here and there,… I did have a pair of 25 point NQh winners last night, but it’s a very rare occurrence… I value a good night’s sleep. Thanks


Guys, please let Mark have his sleep so that he could be fresh and make us money next week.


is there a place where I should formerly introduce myself?..


Down the pub in 10 minutes, or you may do it here. Unless my fellow traders object to this.


I haven’t mastered this site yet, it’s all new to me… I had a green light alert on “messages” but it was empty… I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring them… Thanks for understanding


Mark, welcome to C2 and do not be offended by my earlier sarcasm. I could not resist in light of recent comments regarding strategies which have blown up.

You might want to begin your own thread to introduce your strategy and include a link to it as well:

Best wishes with your trading.


Thank you… I haven’t read through the thread,I just thought it was an inside joke lol. My strategy survived the crash, so I posted… Have a great weekend!



Well, this one was profitable last month.

But it has just too many loosing trades for my taste.
Subscribers need a lot of patience until they (maybe) see profits.


Dear Valued Investor,

Happy trading.


early days - not much trades - expect around 50 trades per year - but not doing bad in spite of joining the party late in january. Had a good february as well.


Looks like these two strategies are trading again. Both are TOS.


nice find, they both look pretty good.


Looks like these 2 strategies rely on a bullish market since I don’t see any shorts in their trading history. Is it robust enough to withstand a bear market?

At least for now it looks good but be careful when we are in bear market mode.


If you make that much in bull markets is it such a bad thing to go to cash in bear markets? I mean we don’t have to make money every day haha.


Lol…Not criticizing the strategy but I just meant it as a cautionary message.


Gotcha! Always smart to proceed with caution on these systems. I just have low expectations for most strategies in bear markets. I just expect them to lose less than the market. I doubt many traders have systems that are going to actually grow in bear and bull markets.


Agreed, but Smart Bull Portfolio looks very impressive. Developer looks like he closes the trades rather quickly when his trend is not developing, and rides the winners like you should.
Also I like how he waits until he has the right timing and is not forcing himself to trade 20 times a day. Hell, he went most of Jan without trading much at all.
But yes, I’ll be curious how this works with a Bear market since it is long only. So far very impressive though.
Kudos sir - :+1:


I agree it looks good. Max leverage is 10 times the account size though, and he hasn’t done ten times the S&P over the same time frame. Tough to say how much of it is skill vs. margin usage. However, I guess if he keeps up the pace who cares - as long as it doesn’t blow up. Also, he of course doesn’t have 10 times the drawdown of the S&P so certainly some skill no doubt.


How does different approach between this 2 models? Any insight from his subscribers or may be the developers want to explain more about this ?