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Strategies not busted in the crash


The developer has a website with descriptions & backtests.


I subscribed to both systems shortly after they were published on C2, Smart Bull Portfolio on 12/25 and Long Driver Portfolio on 1/23. On the first one so far I made $12,677 and on the second one $7,311 and that despite the fact that the system was out of service because of a connection problem during a very steep market climb in January, where these two systems usually thrive. The fact that they were both TOS and that the developer had his own web site gave me enough confidence to jump right in (or was there some bias involved because the developer is from Europe?). It is not clear from his web site if he also goes short but the back tests show some of the best results in 2008 and 2009 and other years when the market stuttered.

It is a myth that one has to wait at least 3 month or even a year before joining a systems, sometimes the available information gives you enough confidence to join right away. Another example would be Payoff Ratio, I started trading two weeks after I took advantage of the free trial subscription and I think most of the other people who took advantage of it are also auto trading it now, the information given there was just too convincing. Another example would be 3 Fold. I started trading it the first day I saw it on C2 because a friend alerted me that the developer has had for many years one of the best, if not the very best, signal service on the internet. Later I switched to A Strategy for YM because it has a better Sharp ratio and the developer trades this one at 500% TOS. This was and is by far the best system I ever had with C2, all you have to do is look at the equity graph and see how much money it raked in for me.

Carpet diem.

(Look it up on Google, I had to do it too even so I had Latin at high school but that was a long time ago. The developer of Protean Macro usually closes with this phrase, the system is no longer available through C2, you would have to go to his white label site, but for people who judge systems by the amount of the subscription fee, this one would be out of question for them.


So when a developer gets a white label site their strategy doesn’t show up on C2? Is that how it always is? I would think someone would want their strategy to show up on both.


Most of the time is on both. I’m sure c2 can do special request


Carpet diem? haha, it should be carpe diem - I guess my Latin is really rusty but it was over 60 years ago when I studied it in high school.


Nah you are spot on.

Seize the carpet!


I noticed that both strategies often open the same trades at the same time (for example on the 6th of Feb.)
I mean, most of the trades of “Smart Bull Portfolio” are also included in “Long Driver Portfolio”.
Does it make sense to subscribe to both strategies?


Good question but I don’t know, so far both strategies have moved pretty much in tandem but the entry times were not exactly the same. On his web site the equity graphs and performance tables differ somewhat between the two but it might be just an attempt by the developer to generate more revenues by appealing to subscribers who are very sensitive to the subscription fee. You might save some money by just trading one and double up the scaling but if he can continue with the present performance it should not be much of an issue.


Thank you very much. The two strategies look very good. I think it will be very interesting to see what the behavior of many strategies will be in the face of increasing volatility.


I subscribe to the Forte Stratgy which seems to have worked well in February and so far in March


I see many of the strategies struggling since the bull market hit the skids. The trading Gods are weeding them out.