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Strategies not busted in the crash


What are the systems here on C2 that performed well in the recent huge volatile markets?

Mine is a good candidate for a long-only YM system. Both up in January and already up in February.

Please post your best systems.


I’m not the vendor – just a subscriber to one of them.


Thank you. These look crash-proof. :slight_smile:


My long term oriented short volatility strategy was sitting in cash and will continue to trade next week. Only patience can beat the market.



These are good systems, they helped me to avoid the crash.


It’s difficult to determine lucky from good with just one event. We’ve only seen 2 bad days, but if a bear market is starting there will be a lot more difficulty ahead. No doubt more systems are going to fail.


Good point, I agree, David.


VIXTrader is flat for 2018, made no money this year for its $149 monthly fee. Although it performed well last year,


what’s your point…?!


Nothing, I have just pointed out a fact.


ok… :slight_smile:



Just saw this.


Thanks for that. Nice to see my main strategy making it on that list :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Folks, I’m kinda new here… my strategy is named “Gold Digger” started with 10K, drew down to 6K, but up 10K this week, 6K overall

personal issues kept me away many days in Dec, Jan… thus missing many winners … obviously, my strategy thrives in a wild market, will also do well in a “normal” market… just getting started.

Thanks, Mark


I’d like to add; “Gold Digger” is NOT a “double down” strategy, and uses stop loss orders… it does take modest losses, but should never get it’s a$$ kicked.


Ha Ha! The corpses have not yet lost their heat and replacements are at the ready behind the funeral parlor draperies!


i was expecting dogzebra to comment first :wink:


Mark do you hold overnight?