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Strategies that busted in the crash


I find it interesting to look at the strategys that havent survived the recent crash. So i want to start a list where everyone can add other strategys which are busted.

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Mcprotrader lost everything, sad day


First of all I love this idea. I think it would actually be a good idea to also show screen shots of the systems rather than just links. I think it is smart to show there are real dangers here on C2. In my opinion, systems that short, use lots of margin, and use lots of leverage via futures. I don’t want to step on any traders toes etc., but I believe it is very important that new subs realize the risk and this could help.

I think the easiest and best solution is for subs to start with systems that go long only and set your scaling so that you will not be using any margin even if the developer is.

You need to screen shot the strategies in my opinion, because they can quickly be made private to hide the performance or for other reasons that aren’t nefarious. For example, Vix Lite is already private. Here is MCProTrader. (I hope that is just a C2 glitch, but wouldn’t be surprised if that -100% drawdown is real.)


since these strategy is not TOS, they can prob still come back. Unless c2 changes something recently. There was forex strategy a popular one, cant remember the name. It hit 100%+ loss like 3 times and is still around.


It might come back, but everyone already got margin call.


Yes screenshots are a good idea.


This is shocking.

I just checked the Grid (5:30pm Monday, ET) and MCProTrader is still listed as the second best strategy according to C2 score. It still has 86% winning trades, which tells you, not that a system is good, but that it is unhedged. To be more specific, a strategy with a very high win rate may be good or may not be, but you can assume that it is unlikely to be substantially hedged.



This is what happens when you sell naked options… risk comes at you real fast.


my most conservative strategy lost me most of the money today.

Yesterday he opened 5 contract of ES futures, that pretty much increase my market exposure 500%! This is what is wrong with c2, I know i have high risk allocation, im expecting a 50% draw down once a yr. I have intermediate risk allocation, expecting 25% draw down. and my conservative allocation a 10% draw down. but out of no where the manager open a trade that is 5x of the account balance. I know hindsight, but its called “DONT WORRY” they cant just go from 150k exposure to the market to 800k exposure to the market overnight.


No. This is not the right place for this. Please only busted strategies.


Many of the busts we will see in a week when the delayed strategies are shown too. At the moment this strategy is at -25% this month.


It is also not TOS.
No skin in the game… easy to go for high risk. Too tempting I would say. Especially after a run that we had, quite sure a lot of “managers” thought that they know what market will do and that it surely will bounce, as it did many times before.


I lost a lot on Futures Wealthbuilder today because of the 2 long ES and short VX futures. I’m hoping for a partial correction tomorrow or else I’ll get margin called everywhere.



I guess 40-50% loss is worth noting too.


OK, this appears to be a another near-bust of one of the top-rated strategies:

It has a maximum DD of 87.4%, but its cumulative return is -308.6%–yes, MINUS 308.6%. It is down 86.7% for February.

It has 80% winning trades. And it is still rated as the 7th best strategy in C2 score on the Grid at 6:00pm ET on Monday.


Speculation you retard.


It is delayed by 7 days. I will remove it if necessary in 7 days.


Futures Timer has a 91.8% max DD this month. It now has an annualized return of minus 19.6%.


If this is only the top of the iceberg then WOW!!
And i thought my leverage of 3 would be much.