Strategies that i unsubscribed in past 2 year

A fellow c2 member ask me a question in DM, which recent strategy i subscribed to now and which i dropped recently. That leave me a very curious question, how were all those strategy doing after i unsubscribed. I went back 2 years and look up each of them. here is the results:

Total strategy i subscribed past 2 years : 17 total
Total strategy i still subscribed to now : 2
Total strategy that crashed out of the 17 was 2, one finished -165%, another was down -111%
Total strategy out of 17 that went private 4 out 17
Total strategy out of 17 that were dead or no longer active was 8 out of the 17.

I try to be as due diligence as possible on picking a strategy. so from past 2 years 3 of the 17 strategy i subscribed to is still active today. so 18% if you round up. Maybe I’m don’t do enough homework or not good at picking strategies. But it seems investing is tough for BOTH investor and developers. because 82% of the time, the developer gave up on the strategy or it crashed. Of course these statistic is based on assuming the strategies that went private also is dead or crashed.


Very interesting. Do you have any idea of your time weighted rate of return over the period that you have been an investor at C2?

this is a very complex question or difficult to answer as a c2 investor. Because i didn’t have a consistence of principal invested in each new or old strategy. What i mean is I had a large % invested in 1 strategy and it did very well. So in the end of the day, i still have MORE money than before since i started at c2. Because 1 or 2 good strategy absorbed all the losses of all the bad strategies. I think that’s rare or i just got lucky. because when I go back and run the numbers setting each strategy at the same amount and never add more to the good ones, I’m probably down between 40-50% past 2 years.

Also its hard to quantify my weighted rate of return because I don’t start each new strategy with the same principal at the beginning. I try to set my starting principal based on the risk of the strategy. If a strategy that tend to hold overnight or use high amount of leverage, i start with $25k. if a strategy that only day trades i will start with $50k.

I see what you mean. I was assuming you had a dedicated autotrade broker that could calculate it for you. Either way very interesting. Just out of curiosity I have been simulating loads of strategies with virtually no discretion just to see if the composite would do well or not and I am not doing great there. I am glad it is just fake money.

Yes, i mean its difficult to be a developer here also. Because 50% of the strategy that i unsubscribed are DEAD. usually its after a large drawdown or a period of flat performance. I assume because they lost all or most subscribers. So they just gave up trying to recover from the drawdown or they gave up realizing that is not worth doing this each day for zero pay.


Would you be willing to share which strategy this is? As well as your second successful pick?

Even the failed strategies would be interesting to know about, either to avoid or just see what appeared to go wrong…

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It was actually your DM to me that started this curious question. Check you DM, i replied you the 2 current strategy i subscribed to now. 1 old 1 new. and 4 i recently unsubscribed to. I don’t want to listed the strategy names on here. incase people claim I’m trying to promote or bash any developers.

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I found it, thanks very much!

@OSUTIA, it is very difficult as a developer to have consistency and large enough profits to satisfy subs. There is no holy grail system that can maintain profits each month without risk since markets change constantly.

The key thing is for the strategy to retain as much capital as possible during the rough periods and then start gaining during the good periods.

If there was someone that could make consistent and huge returns yearly I doubt they would stay and accept subs for small fees.


I have a theory that you could make money by randomly picking a set of strategies and fading them. Haven’t we always been told that most retail traders are going to fail?


@CodyPipkin, that is exactly what some forex brokers do! They trade against their clients. They are not suppose to but I had a few friends that were told to close their accounts when they started to make consistent profits.

This is also how casino houses work. Every time someone places a bet they are usually betting against the casino.

The only problem with this kind of strategy is that there could be some huge drawdowns for some lucky traders…lol

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Can you let me know what strategy has worked for you?

That’s interesting. Of the 3 that are still active, how many of these are higher now vrs when you left??




This is cynical. But from experience I can say that many investors enter the strategy at the maximum, and go at the minimum and do this several times until they become bankrupt. A good example is my strategy “PFSignal com”. If I do not confuse the author of the branch (my former subscriber) and he used such investment methods (entry at the maximum - exit at the minimum, and so 2-3 times in 1.5 years). Sorry if I confused you with another person.


Do you alway plug your strategy in every forum post?


Just 1 of the 3 is higher


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I’m a new Trade leader and I’m managing the strategy Wallstreet Wizards . If you simulate my strategy in September, the first month of billing will be FREE whenever you subscribe . You will be able to see all the open positions and have a better understanding of the way I trade for FREE.

Thank you,


Thanks for the feedback!

C2 is collecting a subscription fee from developers while they are trying to develop a track record. Under this financial pressure, many developers maybe inclined to develop high risk systems that don’t have the appropriate risk management tools.

Also, developers have a problem even getting seen. After almost 5 months in private mode I opened up one of my systems and despite being TOS and broker connect don’t even have one view!

C2 have to let developers build their trade record for free, otherwise it will encourage the wrong behavior and cause many to throw in the towel.



Would you be willing to share your opinion on the strategies that were profitable for you?

Best Regards

C2 should not allow to delete strategies o make them private. This makes job easier for scammers.

I am here in C2 to get an audited track record.
Also dont trade my own money because I feel the mental pressure and always loss. Not for being stupid or lazy, but for being emocionally involved.

I am an antisocial, clever than average, contrarian trader. I think this is a good combinantion for making money. Because of antisociallity and living a the third world, I dont have contacts on the financial world.

As soon as I get a 5 year track record I will seek for investors, or work as an analist in a investment bank if I get a good offer.

I am pretty sure I will achive my goal of 10% minimum return yearly and 10% max drawdown.
My first drawdown was because of calculating wrong the real size of the position. I am more cautious now. But I believe a better explicative, intuitive platform would be very helpful.