Strategies with high numbers of subscribers

Some trade leaders wonder ‘where are all the subscribers?’ Even successful strategies seem to have almost no subscribers. The thing probably is that only the very successful strategies have many subscribers.

Over 1400 subscribers for AI TQQQ SQQQ, well deserved!

Post edit: the assumption above was wrong, instead look on the statistics tab under AUM (AutoTrader num accounts).

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34m of funds following this strategy. That’s brilliant…Is there a way to filter strategies by ‘most followed’?

Where can you find the number of subscribers? That’s something that I have never found. The only proxy that I can find is number of Autotrader accounts, which in this case is 332.

I am a subscriber of this strategy and had exchanged a few messages with QuantTiger. I like his approach and it’s a nice way of diversifying a small part of my investment funds.

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The way I look at this is, clicking the ‘show autotrade data’ button, and then next to any trade click the button that says ‘see autotrade fills for signal’. I was assuming that each line in that next window equals one subscriber, but maybe that’s an incorrect interpretation.

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One subs account can be represented by several lines.


Ah, ok, thanks for pointing that out. After what @JoaquimFonseca found, that’s what came to my mind as well. Then probably the AUM (AutoTrader num accounts) number is the correct number as @JoaquimFonseca suggested.

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That’s what I thought. 300 odd subscribers from ‘statistics’. That’s fantastic. Here’s hoping the trader continues his rich run of form.

Another thing to note is TQQQ in mid February is trading at the same price as it is now. His strategy is up almost 50% in that time period.

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So sorry to sound like a broken record, but does anyone know how to search for strategies by ‘followers’ or ‘funds under management’…If I click on number 2 strategy (european stock basket) I can see 40 odd subscribers and about 4m funds, but is there a quicker way of doing it?

I don’t think that you are able to search by that criteria. I think one would have to go through every strategy on the leaderboard and old timers list. Just go to the statistics tab on each strategy and it will show you how many auto traders and how much capital.

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Thanks. Appreciate the insight. Have a cracking week.

Strategies with most live capital assets under management


Thanks Jim. That makes for a very interesting read. There are some top strategies out there. It’s good to see people trusting them to deliver.

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Oddly enough, 45% of these high-AUM strategies are currently underperforming the market (since inception), in private mode or losing money (1 strategy).

The others are delivering good results.

I found that strange too. I don’t understand why anyone would choose some of these on the list when there’s comparatively superior systems.

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neat, i didn’t know about that. thanks for sharing! you could of course have 1 paid subscriber with 10 million and put your self at position 2. but you know, that’s supposed to be the allure of collective2 (from the auto trader’s perspective). i wonder if that includes the manager, when they auto trade their own funds. hmmm

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It is hard to define a ‘Successful/Very Successful’ Strategy. Its completely relative. People are biased on numbers like Leverage used vs return percentage etc. So the definition of successful strategy in any platform cannot be same for you and me. C2 does not ‘in general’ tend to share these info well just to keep all leaders afloat. The only think makes the difference for the leaders (with a good strategy) is the marketing - be it paid or be it via social platform.

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I’m not sure that would work. I’m not an expert in the ‘autotrade facility’ but I think the AUM is calculated on the autotrade scaling. EG, If a strategy on C2 was a model 50K account, and someone scaled that at 500%, that would count as 250k of AUM. I might be wrong there, but in my experience I think that’s how it works. So, even if someone had 10m, unless they were scaling the strategies dramatically- it wouldn’t show on AUM.

While I understand that drawdown or winning percentage may have an element of subjective risk assessment that have completely different thresholds for each of us, there are other elements like distribution of trades, trading history (number of data points), that I suspect we may all converge upon a similar agreement.

I don’t see how C2 ‘keeps the leaders afloat’. I didn’t arrive via an advertisement. I found AI TQQQ SQQQ via just sorting the leaders by ROI. Obviously I have a whole host of other statistical criteria that it would have to meet before investing, but ROI is the main reason we’re all here.

Assuming that all systems just publish their signals and that C2 impartially records those buy/sell signal points, the perf numbers displayed should be an honest reflection of the system. C2 has been around for a long time, and I haven’t seen any big complaints surrounding authenticity of the signals. Just a couple of a bad reviews from seemingly bitter customers.

For the very few systems (maybe 3-5?) on C2 that meet a stringent criteria, e.g. AI TQQQ SQQQ, the biggest criticism thus far is the length of their track record.

The short term track records miss some of the biggest drawdown periods of recent, which is unfortunate. C2 when evaluating such systems should require walk-forward performance numbers for those historically bearish periods and require that those numbers get disclosed.

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Not really AASS, if the ROI of a trading system is at least twice the size of the maximum drawdown then the system is good, assuming it also beats the S&P 500 by 10% or more.

The maximum drawdown itself should not exceed 35%, that number being an important psychological number for most traders.