Strategy Intro: RankOne, BeatTheMarket[Pro]

Hi All,


I started managing a Strategy on C2 called “RankOne” since Feb 2023 of this year. I have now added two more strategies “BeatTheMarket” and “BeatTheMarket Pro”.

As a brief introduction, RankOne is a multi-strategy trading system that aims to achieve consistent returns with a moderate risk profile. The strategy trades index and volatility ETFs.

BeatTheMarket and BeatTheMarket Pro are simpler but more volatile strategies that aim to beat the S&P500 stock market index as their benchmark. The source of alpha is derived from varying exposure to the equity index by participating during bullish periods and “sitting it out” during bearish periods.

In the “Pro” version of the system it will additionally take advantage of bearish market conditions by shorting the market as well as using moderate leverage for long exposure during certain bullish market conditions. The end result for both systems is an “index plus” type of return. Importantly, the trading edge of both systems are sourced from the original RankOne system.

I hope you find this informative.