Strategy of the Week

What are your thoughts on strategy of the week Better do now by MichaelRenton?

Some Highlights

  • High Leverage Peaks (~18)
  • Young (~5 months)
  • No description
  • Very high return/drawdown ratio (~13)
  • C2 Star
  • Not trades-own-system (TOS)

He’s doing great good for him, making money for himself too.

Looks like he makes the majority of his money on short, levered trades that have mostly worked out for him.

I did notice he had no autotraders on each of those trades though. :face_with_monocle:

Now he has a ton of subscribers, so going forward I would expect the same with autotraders.

Still, he at least seems to have reasonable risk management on all other trades. Will be curious to see if/when one of his levered ones moves hard against him.

The no description is weird. No TOS even weirder if you can perform like this. Fun one to watch.


He’s had some pretty big drawdowns in the past:

That might explain why no TOS.



There aren’t many strategies that are alive here at C2 with leverage >15 for long. These systems may perform well for a few months, but eventually almost all systems with such high leverage will crash. I wouldn’t follow these systems for too long.


Seems like wise advice to me.

Great work. Absolutely un-investable. Current investors better buckle up. No doubt they’re in for the exact same drawdown soon.
And yes, this is why no TOS. :+1:

Thought it might be interesting to start compiling a screenshot, ongoing performance charts, and link the the users strategies for the strategy of the week emails.

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@InteractiveAssets I like the idea. I created a thread on this topic a few months ago, but it didn’t go anywhere:

I’ve got the same issue with this most recent TSOW selection – high leverage and prior blowups by the same vendor:

There are probably more, but I got tired of looking them up. This vendor does have one other system that has gone almost a year without blowing up:

I still would not touch it.



March 3rd 2023 Email Selection

Strategy: Truthis
Creator: Aziz
Live Chart:

IMHO: Great job so far getting a high return while maintaining a low drawdown. I do believe this level of leverage use will make it very difficult to remain in the C2 Star program and avoid large sudden drawdowns.


very valuable information. the images are priceless.

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