Order Entry Suggestion


Just a suggestion,

I am a new system provider here on C2 (Turtle Forex). I am right now getting used to entering trades thru the console. Yesterday and today I ran into an issue where nothing happened when I went to submit an order. I had to refresh my browser and re enter the trade. Both times I was attempting to short and in my haste did not click "sell to open" radio button and inadvertently was long instead of short. C2 defaults at "buy to open".

My suggestion would be to not have a "default" on the radio button so that when a trade is entered the user has to make a selection or the order wont go thru. I realize this was my mistake, and I am sure after a while I will get used to entering orders, but maybe this might help other system providers from making the same error as well.

Otherwise C2 is great and I am looking forward to building my reputation as a provider of quality signals! Thanks!