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Hello everyone,

I´m happy to end the 4th month of trading with my discretional trading strategy. This thread is meant for subscribers to give their feedback and to build a small Q&A. But of course everyone is invited to contribute anything of value.

Questions from subscribers:

  1. Do you have any backtest or other historical information available on your Portfolio Trader IRA system?

Answer: I don´t trade like a robot so there is no backtest possible. Instead I adapt as good as I can to the current market conditions and manage the positions accordingly. This includes fundamentals, news, COT reports and of course technical analysis.

  1. I’d be curious to learn more about your performance targets and max drawdown expectations.

Answer: I´m quite conservative when it comes to risk. I´m ok with up to 10-15% drawdown if things go really bad but as my results show I´m caring much about my individual positions. I feel responsible for subscribers money so I don´t want to risk much just to gain stellar returns. I´m fine with 2-3% gain per month on average.

  1. Can Portfolio Trader IRA be traded with 50% scaling?

Answer: Yes, 50% scaling is ok if you want to replicate all trades including the option trades. I always trade at least 2 options and mutliples of 2 so you can follow at 50%/100%/150% and so on.
Stock trades can be replicated at any multiple of 10%.

  1. Are any of your Options positions hedges against the ETFs?

Answer: Either I have a signal for a certain direction or I don´t trade. However, some trades take longer than expected and the market could give a short term reversal signal against my position. In this case I have a number of options to react. Depending on the actual market situation I either close the profitable trade or I enter a countertrade. The latter can be done either by using options or by taking a position in the contrary ETF. (For example SPXL -> SPXS) So you can call it hedging or taking a countertrade but in the end that´s just semantics.

  1. Are you usually using all of your account size for positions and also I assume you don’t use margin right?

Answer: I rarely apply all of the capital but it can happen. In fact the highest capital allocation to date was around 93%. I don´t use margin but I use leveraged ETFs and options to have more profit potential. Normal allocation is 30-70%.

  1. When do you plan on start charging for your service? I think your results to date warrant some fees, to be honest. I am always nervous about free C2 systems and would like to understand your motivation going forward.

Answer: My endgoal is to get and keep 50 subscribers at a decent fee. So my motivation to give signals for free is to grow a happy community first. Of course I hope that most subs can profit and therefore stick with me when I start to charge a reasonable fee.

For new subscribers I start to charge a small fee from today so the subscriber base doesn´t increase too fast. Sub fees will incrementally increase until a fair price is reached.

Thank you all and have a great weekend,

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@Aaa123, looking pretty decent now with a possible 20-30% yearly return!


Very nice conservative trading with low drawdowns. Keep up the good work Alexander.


Thanks for the Feedback gentlemen.

The last 2 months were quite difficult but we are currently recovering from the drawdown. It occurred to me that this time I don´t wait till a new equity high before giving an update. That´s the point where people become aware of the strategy anyways. From my observation 80% of investors start trading at the equity high and leave at the low so I want to make any IRA investor aware of the opportunity to enter at or near the low this time. Of course that needs more courage but no one said earning money off the markets is easy. My strategy is uncorrelated to the stock market so you might want to look into it for diversification of your portfolio.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or message me.

kind regards,

Seems like I should start trading my own equity curve. That call was quite close as expected…
Lets make money. :slight_smile: