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Raising fee to $279 -- Alpha Surplus Fund -- act now before the increase!

I just shared this message with those simulating the Alpha Surplus Fund and wanted to post it here as well so that those interested might be able to subscribe prior to the increase in subscription fee for the strategy.

Please message me or post in this thread if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

"Hello everyone,

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in my Alpha Surplus Strategy.

I’ve now been on this site for ~1 month and have delivered what I consider excellent returns. As of today’s close it looks to be +13.7% while the S&P500 is up only 3.1%. Over the last couple of weeks there have been pockets of volatility and large factor/sector rotations at play as market participants digest the next move in macro. It isn’t as easy as being long beta. Its about taking calculated risks as the market presents them.

I wanted to inform you that later this month I will be raising the monthly subscription cost for NEW subscribers from $149 to $279. Because you have my strategy on simulate and have thus already expressed interest, I am willing to send a coupon to keep you at this $149 rate for the remainder of the year, even if I raise the fee again. This will happen if you are on the subscriber list prior to end of day 7/16/21. After Friday 7/16 the price will be increased.

Thank you again for your interest and have a great weekend!"

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Great performance gains so far. I was just looking at the autotrade data of your strategy, cause it seems that your strategy is not one that holds positions for long periods of time. It seems to me that some subscribers get much different fill prices than yourself. For example, the XLE trade you opened on 7/6/21 for 52.26. Some subscribers filled as high as 53.02. When you closed on 7/8 at 52.09 some subscribers filled almost a dollar out. Do you think that this could cause some subscribers overall performance to be much different than yours?

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Hi Alvin,

Yes I have noticed slippage between my executions and that which C2 provides. I think it’s important to point out that the C2 performance shown is based on the C2 execution. So despite potentially worse execution for subscribers the performance is still quite good.

I think the XLE example is interesting because of the different times I traded the ETF, increasing and reducing risk at different times, so that might be why the execution prices seem all over the place. I may have bought at 53 and all the way down to 52, I can’t remember the exact details but that’s probably why the execution prices were all over the place? I’m not sure. Also such a wide difference on such a liquid product does seem odd to me.

For example I noticed when I traded baba the other day, I sold my shares at like 217.67 while some subscribers sold at 217.38, that level of slippage is probably the worst I have seen so far. Call it 10bps of slippage in this case.

Right, there does seem to be a considerable slippage. I guess that would be normal for any day trading strategy, but I just wonder how much of a difference this would cause in subscriber’s accounts. For example your strategy is up 13.5% since inception, but I wonder how much subscribers accounts are up. It’s hard to analyze this data because it is all anonymous.

Assuming a subscriber did all of the trades, I interpret this to mean they would be up the 13.5%. My actual account would be up more as my fills have tended to be better than the C2 fills.

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Want to add, the charts you see on C2 take all this slippage into account once autotraders appear. For example, assuming autotrading has started for a strategy, if the chart shows that the strategy is up “14.2%” this month, then actual on autotrade subscribers won’t get results of “13.9%”, they will get results of “14.2%”. The “14.2%” is using actual subscriber fills.

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Hi Alvin,

Just wanted to give you a heads up, my trading stats are now being populated on the alpha surplus fund page. Sortino of 7, sharpe of 3.4 – this looks inline with my historical performance, so im glad to see the slippage isnt hurting too much.

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