I have to apologize

… to my former subscribers of

Via broadcasts I have tried to make it clear how I expect my trading to evolve over time. I also communicated openly that I see a drawdown of 15% in the realm of possibilities. I tried to help you to find a clear concept of when to follow or unfollow. And I tried to help you stick to your concept by sharing my experience and learnings of similar situations.

What is the result? Most subscribers came in at the exact equity high and the last brave subscriber jumped the boat at 02/11 so just 6 days before the absolute low point of my drawdown. So while I still make money trading, ALL my subscribers lost money. That actually bugs me personally because I know the value of my service if used right.

I do understand that following someone else´s trading can wear you out, especially when there is a drawdown of several months. But looking at it objectively… is a 9.5% drawdown over a period of 5 months really something to be worried about? This was/is my longest drawdown ever and it has put a strain on me aswell. Nevertheless, I never violated my risk management and that was clearly visible for subscribers.

So I apologize for not being able to coach you enough to stick to your guns. As I always emphasize, this is the hardest part in trading.

If I ever get a reasonable amount of subscribers so it becomes worthwhile I will definitely increase my effort to support you mentally. I see this as part of my service here but you will understand that I can not put in fulltime effort as long as the reward doesnt justify that. I continue and try to overdeliver but unfortunately I am bound to the economics of it just as everybody else.

All the best,