Real money strategy - Alpha Surplus Fund (263% YTD, Sharpe of 13, Sortino 25)

Shameless plug for my strategy - known of collective2 for awhile and eventually wanted to allow people to follow my trades. finally have some time to set this up. you can see the statistics for the year here on the exact account that is being used in the alpha surplus fund.

i do have a longer track record with another account (more volatile and aggressive, almost 3 years real money track record doing about ~350% annualized returns) but the risk metrics are better here (other one is +5,900% since inception, this year is 269% ytd, sharpe of 3.66, sortino 4.87).

anyway, if youre looking for uncorrelated returns to the broader market, i encourage you to give the alpha surplus fund a try. ill add more details to the strategy page as i am able, but wanted to get the word out here first.

some might ask if my strategy is so good, why id sell it on here? answer is simple, diversify my income and risk. market is very stressful and i want to maximize my return while in it. you’ll see i am trading the account with real money behind it (i like to keep acct at $200k and withdraw profits after $10k-$20k so i dont go above that amount, its a way i manage my risk) so i very much have skin in the game.

thanks for taking the time to read this! if you like what you hear, give it a subscribe. otherwise feel free to simulate it at least so im on your radar.

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Then i am assuming you will get it TOS certified with Collective2?

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Yep it already is TOS certified as you can see on the strategy.


Great to hear. Since this seems to be a brand new strategy on Collective2 with no trade record, and it seems what you have shown here are quite spectacular gains, can you go over what type of strategy is it? Does it only use stocks? Does one need some type of daytrading account?

Want to add, the links to your fundseeder record in your strategy’s description won’t work if someone follows it. You have to be logged into fundseeder to see this. This means creating an account. BTW great track record so far on fundseeder!

great question - its stocks futures and options (selling naked included) - macro based, predominantly taking view on sectors and indexes, on occasion single stock catalysts. leverage is used but since C2 only seems to allow 2 to 1, i will be managing the strategy accordingly (i use interactive broker’s portfolio margin which gives up to 6x so that should dial down the returns and volatility).

basically i have a macro view and as opportunities arise, ill step in, and as prices take into account new information, will step out and wait on sidelines for next opportunity. hope this helps!

Thanks. Yeah today was rough, fading the treasury rally, confident fundamentals will see us through, till then gotta roll with the punches.

Congratulations on your performance this tough year. Please know that statistics shown on Collective2, such as drawdowns, Sharpe and Sortino are calculated quite differently than by Fundseeder. As such, your headline is misleading.

how fundseeder calculate the drawdown?

oh i didnt realize that. thanks for pointing it out! hopefully in a few months time i will have comparable statistics on C2.

i appreciate it. honestly november to march was probably the best trading environment ive ever seen. days of 20-40% months are probably behind me now, but still thinking 5% a month is doable with proper risk management. have a good weekend!

Just wanted to revive this post now that a few weeks have gone by – got a bit unlucky with the move in financials at the start of the month (murphy’s law!) but have bounced back since and performance has been steadily in the -0.5% to + 1% range since. In anycase, well ahead of the S&P500 over the same time period (+8.30% vs +0.42%).

i encourage everyone to simulate the strategy and if you like what you see, go ahead and give it a “subscribe”!

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