Subscribers to Kevinaci strategy

HI guys. I just saw a strategy call KEVINACCI and there are a lot of subscribers getting into it, while the strategy is private and is shut to off for subscription. Most of the accounts subscribed, have started an account here today or yesterday. How is this possible?? If it is legitimate, can anyone help and explain how it is done. Thank you

I do not know about it, but I am equally curious. 3 hours after the original post saying that it is private, I still see a new sub every few minutes … (I guess C2 has a way of making something private and giving people a subscribe link). The trader must have some reputation or following outside of C2 and is using C2 to facilitate autotrading or verified trades. I googled Kevinacci trading and got nothing.

yes this is a private strategy you subscribe through a special link and it’s actually a paid subscription on their side. Hope this helps.

Is that the strategy you want to follow ?!

I’m definitely curious about it. I don’t even know who the user is that runs it.

We are subscribers of the person running it and sign up through him. We are not finding him on Collective2 he is referring us here to sign up

His name is Kevintrades on IG he lures people in and scams them. he bought a whitelabel version of C2 and made everyone sign up through social media flexing a huge gain then lost half of it after. His Kevinacci 25k account is down 50%.