Subscribing To A System


Is it possible to subscribe to a system and just get their trades without having to invest your capital? One of them I am looking at says starting balance of $100,000 which i dont have to invest in a C2 system?

So planning on opening my own 10k account and trading 10th of the size


Depends what is the trading vehicle. For example: if the leader use future contract such as SnP, Russell etc there are using 1 contract. If you use 10%, there is no 0.1 for those contracts.

What is strategy n link ?

There is a reason why developer stated min $100k

Hi the strategy is ROption

But even so, does the strategy have to autotrade for you. Can you get trade alerts/access to the trades without autotrading?



Yes you can get signals without auto trading …

Yes, u can use 10% for that model. He has also R Option mini minimum is $60k. If you use IB, make sure your acct is portfolio margin. The best way is, u ask to the developer , he will give better explanation regarding his program.

yes you can manual trade. i did manual trades on a system for a few years before i started the auto trading. manual trade systems are best if they send signals after the market close or it may be impossible for you to keep up.

Thanks everyone. Good to know it can be followed