Subscription cancellation

My subscription to This is the ES was cancelled for no reason apparent to me. I do not think that my credit card company denied payment since they have happily paid many times before. I was offered a discounted price for 6 months, but since the cancellation, it seems that I have also lost that discount. I informed C2 help that my Trading System Subscriptions page was incorrect on October, 24 but was assured all was correct. Would someone at C2 please help me get re-instated with this system at the offered discount price?

Thanks, Huck

I want to apologize for my ignorance. Generally when signing up for a system I choose the green trade button, and when the free trial is over and I have not cancelled, C2 automatically continues the subscription. In this instance I chose the orange free trial button that cancels your subscription unless you initiate signing up before the trial period is over. To subscribe again I had to choose the green trade button. Again I apologize for my misunderstanding.

Thanks, Huck

I have to admit that I have been confused by the two buttons. Why not go back to just the one choice, where you signed up for the system? If you did not want to continue after the trial, you could always set the unsubscribe for when the trial ended and hence not be charged. I do not see any advantage to an orange free trial button and a green trade button. If the system developer allows a free trial, you get it by either button choice.

I know C2 is always trying to improve their site, but I hate waking up some mornings and seeing that the whole layout has changed. This happens on a regular basis. Believe me I am not against change, I am against the confusion that often is created by the many changes. Roger