Subscription email

The subscription email reads something like “In a few days you will be charged a subscription for xxxx system”, etc.

Surely c2 knows EXACTLY when the subscription charge will be made. Why not include that detail in the email?

Perhaps there’s some kind of “keep the customer in the dark, maybe they’ll subscribe for an extra month because they forgot which day to cancel” angle to this, but I’m very sure that isn’t a good way to keep customers happy.

Is there a better reason the actual date that the charge is due isn’t included in those emails?

it is a warning. It gives you time to decide whether or not to continue. It tells you clearly in the system page when you subscribed…

If you see conspiracies everywhere, then you may need to chill.

Actually when you’re considering unsubscribing from a system, maybe it’s best to do it straight away.

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Handy Have Fun tip: That 1286 S&R level on S&P we keep on dancing around, and keep on getting wrong … I don’t think it’s actually an S or an R.