Subscription renewal e-mail

Hey Matthew, I just received the e-mail message notifying me that a subscription is about to expire and that it will be renewed automatically. I noticed that it says that my credit card will be charged $50, even though the system has recently changed its price to $60, so there’s a little bug there. Also, the e-mail says that “in a few days” my credit card will be charged. That’s too vague, it would be more useful if you included the actual date. Finally, at the end it says that if I don’t want the subscription renewed, “just log in to your account at Collective2 and cancel your subscription from there”. Again, a little more detail would be useful. Not that it’s hard to unsubscribe, but still… :slight_smile:

These are just nuisances (except for the amount issue, which could potentially bring you trouble), but I thought that e-mail template could be improved.