Subscriptions - Security Breach

Following the recent Hack perhaps Collective 2 could pause the request for payments due for perhaps 10 days to allow subscribers to cancel, obtain new cards and update the information.

It would be bad form if subscriptions were cancelled by C2 because of none payment during this period.

I like many people have one card used only for online purposes. I would not be prepared to use other cards I may have for this purpose.

William Hopkin

That’s a good idea.

So I have extended the period of time which credit cards can remain invalid / declined – even while C2 subscriptions are maintained – from 3 days to 8 days. We can extend further if necessary, depending on how quickly the card companies can get new card numbers to customers.


My credit card supplier advised me that I should have my new card in seven business days. Therefore, eight days grace may not be sufficient.


Good feedback. I’ll extend further and then we can re-evaluate.