Suggest to keep a trade record per system


My situation is: I am trading several forex system in one FXCM account. I have set scaling factor from 20-50% for each system, and assigned max position as 5 mini lot. With those constraints, not all trade signals generated from the systems are executed in my account.

Therefore now I have problem tracking which system is performing well or not because when I print trading records from my FXCM account, I can’t tell which trade was generated from which system; the performance of the hypothetical portfolio is not a good indicator either because not all the trades in the hypothetical portfolio were executed in my account.

Therefore I suggest to have a “trade record” tabe underneath the “trade status” tab, to show closed trades per system, just like the “trade status” showing the open trades. So that we can track the actual performance of each system.

yes that opening more than one account and run one system per account is also a solution, but that cause more documentation and more problem on deposits, so I think that not a good one.