System stats to add

Please add to the basic statistics table (on each system’s page) the following:

Cumulative return for S&P
Sharpe Ratio for S&P
System excess return (vs. S&P)

These are critical numbers to consider when evaluating a system.

Good idea Mark. Hope they add that info.

Spot on - I’d also argue that in the thumbnails provided for each system there should be an S&P overlay, perhaps in red so that folks could see the relative performance of each. All too often I’ll look at a system that seems to have an excellent equity curve only to find out that it has underperformed a simple Buy-and-Hold strategy.

Excellent idea!

Another key stat that is missing: Average performance per trade.

It should be simple to add this. Hopefully they will.

I think a "% of time in market" stat would be useful.