I found myself doing wrong trading sometimes/ I wanna add position and by mistake I close it and vice versa.

So It would be helpful if the progam had a feature of adding or closing the position with partial adding and closing

It is akward otherwise. Maybe to have button close partial and button add partial or …

I don’t understand what you mean.

If you are long 4, and you want to close a partial position, just sell 3 (for example).

What is confusing about the order-entry screen that prevents you from doing this?

I takes time to fill out the order ticket with checking correct type( buy to close or .)…and quantity in quck ticket always comes up from previous trades and not default as I think should be. It takes as much time to fillout ticket for initiation of order as it does for partial fill or adding.

If you need split-second reactions, maybe you should automate the system or use something like TradeStation.

That is true however it is to the benefit of the site to have this done in a way that would limit number of steps required to place the order/

Excellent suggestion. The Tradestation interface works really well. My TS acct fills, on average, are just about equal to subscriber fills.

Ninja Trader or Meta Trader are other possibilities.

It should be even simpler. A person should be able to enter trades into a standard MS program (like Excel or Word) and load them in.

I remember testing a series of orders on different instruments with varying parameters (exact same thing each night) for a couple of weeks. An hour later each night, I was done entering. Very annoying.