C2 posting incorrect performance data

One of my systems (AlphaStocks - Long Only) was definitely up yesterday, but C2 shows it down, what gives?

Please report a specific question or problem. What specifically is incorrect?

I just checked and the closing prices are good, but for some reason the equity graph shows a negative day yesterday, while the stocks in the portfolio were up almost 1% on average. I am afraid I can’t be more specific than that.

Graphs are updated once each day. You’ll see another updated graph tonight.


SUGGESTION: Inside the small box below equity curve for system – that explains the red (S&P 500) and the green (the system results) – add this note right below the 2 colored item explanations IN BOLD:

NOTE: graph updated once daily, by approx yy:yy EST

For newbies, that would eliminate a constant source of confusion.