System New Method - is not gold all that glitters

This system don’t reflect the reality in his stats, they are pretty worst as you can see.
And this is because the rollover:

To people dont know what it is, is a rate that normally you have to pay (sometimes you recieve) that is calculate between differences of interest rates between currencies.
We can see a example with EUR/AUD , rollover cost in FXCM is -1,39, and the system have opened 18 lots
Then each day that position are opened you have to pay 18x1,39=25$ day
Each month 25x20days=500$
This positions was open 4 months ago, that means 2000$ lost only with rollover in this position!

You can calculate for all positions that the systems have opened, and see that is very hard earn money with this system.

I dont understand why C2, have a lot of disclaimers about risks, etc. but never say nothing about this, that is so important! and in the calculations of earns, C2 calculate profit - comissions, but dont count nothing about rollover, that have more importance than comissions in FX systems.

If they add this, a winner system would change to losing system.

Id like to add this as review of the system, but unfortunatly i dont know why is not allowed the reviews on this system.

I lost a lot of money because this situation, i didnt know nothing about rollover fx until i discover it, because i was frustrating why my account instead grow up it drecase. Then the rest take care! you can think are earning a lot of money but the true is that you are losing money with this system as i did!

That’s interesting. Thanks for your expertise.

I was wondering as well. I thought that rollover is calculated during closure of trade. So it means that long-term systems on c2 are …strongly overestimated. So only day-trade system are rather ok.

I want to clarify: this only happen for Forex, not futures or stocks.

Of course :slight_smile: I mean forex systmes.

so true I’m thankful for that understanding and your comments some strategies are soooooo misleading.

why didnt you just buy spot fx? what were kind of fx contract were you dealing with?

You can see the same in all FX brokers, is not something “strange” of my broker, all they take rollover charge, if you have someone that no, please post here

Hi A. Nevado,
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Can you please tell us, when did you subscribe to the system New Method and how do your results differ from what is shown on C2.

I have the same results but you have to discount the rollover.

Then my results are the next:
I have 33% of autotrading, i did the same trades with the same results but /3.
But for rollover i have between 2400 and 4600$ each month of charges, then i lost more money with the rollover that the system could generate.

No one from C2 is going to say nothing about why you dont applied the rollover charges? Because i think is important solve this issue that a lot of people can lost money and maybe C2 company have problems in the future because that… i love C2 and i earn good money thanks to you, but maybe other suscriber of FX systems dont think the same…

Hi, A:

To date we have ignored rollover interest-rate differentials for the purposes of Model Account simulation. I’m looking into this issue on a preliminary basis to see how much development cost it would take to simulate this correctly. I’ll report here when I have more information.

Hello Matthew,
I am curious to know if there has been any progress towards the inclusion of fx financing costs in the model account simulation.

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No, there has been no progress on this yet.