Outages This Morning

I want to post a brief update about this morning’s system outages. We’ve been upgrading our database configuration to increase performance (and, ironically, to minimize AutoTrade connection failures). Last night we turned on a new database configuration, which sped up the site quite a bit.

The new database configuration was working splendidly! …Until this morning’s peak usage load. When all our users tried to access our site at the same time, our database overloaded. So, the upshot is, I am reverting back to yesterday’s database configuration and will attempt to upgrade the server hardware ASAP so that it can once again use the faster database configuration.

Short summary: Sorry. We’re closing in on a solution to these hardware/connectivity issues. It remains my top priority, and I will spend whatever money and time is required to make the site function reliably. I believe we have temporarily solved the problem that caused this morning’s outage, but I will not be able to permanently fix it until the servers are upgraded, hopefully in the day or two.


Matthew, if its not proprietary, can you post the specs on the servers you use for C2? Just curious.