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I posted a system over year ago (almost two years), and I have forgot about it. Today I checked the system, and the results are month after month down. Looks like fixed amount of $$$ is taken from the initial account every month, since the system did not generate any trades. In the reality the system is profitable since 2009.


Why the system did not generate any trades? Any ideas?

What is the amount taken from the account every month?

Can I delete the system and post fixed, that will take trades?

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System name: LiD - ASX - 170 - ES

Q:Why did you system not generate any trades?

A:Because you need to generate the trades. C2 won’t do that for you. You’ll need to enter them or attach a 3rd party program (such as MetaTrader, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, IB TWS, etc.)

Q: Why is a small amount deducted from system equity each month?

A: Because we are required to show the cost of your subscription fees in the results.

Q: Can you delete you system?

A: No. But you can definitely start a new one. I hope you do. We’d love to welcome you aboard.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the response!

Q. So I have to place the orders manually everyday? Once my system opens real position, then I have to go to your website and add the order/trade?




Since you use TradeStation, why not send your orders directly to C2 instead of manually entering them?

is there a way to send trade signals using Market Delta?

At the top of this page click "Information," and then click "Using TradeStation with C2."