Best Multi-Asset Strategy

I highly recommend reading any posts here by me if you are looking for more information.

If I am interested in trading can you please send me more information and what would I need to fund the account with. How lone did you backtest for and how long have you been actually trading this strategy. I look forward to hearing from you.

I would Like to trade the system, what have been some of the short term and long term returns. I am interested in trading, thanks Chasr

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Thanks so very much. I subscribed to your system at 200 percent. I believe in you and your system. Did you have any coupons for new subscribers. I look forward to a longterm relationship. I’m impressed with your hardwork on this system


It seems to be a good system or a combination of systems. Diversification across different systems on different instruments should lower the overall standard deviation. The only thing that I can suggest is that you may consider shorter explanations. Most people, I believe, don’t have too much time to read a lengthy text. Will keep an eye on your system. Keep up the good work.