Technical Problems this AM (Nov 8)

We had a series of technical problems this morning. The immediate cause of the problem was that one of our databases went down, and so an unexpectedly high load was placed on the remaining databases. This caused our “read” database to fall behind our main database.

What this boiled down to was this: The screen displays on C2 fell behind reality. A system may have closed a position in reality, but the screen display did not show this for upwards of ten minutes or more.

The problem seems to be resolved at this point. We’re monitoring things, and making sure the problem doesn’t recur. We’re also working on bringing back online the non-functional database, to relieve the load on the other databases.

I know this has caused a number of problems, and a great deal of heartache and stress. For this I apologize. We’ll try to get everything back online ASAP. As of the time I write this message (11:44 AM ET Nov 8), things seem back to normal and the display issue is solved.