Free trials

I’m interested in eliminating free trials on my systems but can’t seem to find how to do it or even if it is possible. I’m tired of potential subscribers signing into the free trial, getting a signal worth three or four thousand dollars (if they take it) and then opting out before having to come up with a hundred and fifty bucks.

How do I eliminate the free trial? Thanks.

Michael -

It’s your system, and your business; and so you can choose whether to allow free trials or not. Before you make your decision, though, let me offer what I hope is good advice.

By offering a free trial, you will see many more “try-ers” rather than “buyers.” I know that can feel frustrating, as you see a steady traffic of people signing up, trying out your system, and then unsubscribing.

But at the end of the day, you’ll wind up with numerically more buyers if you are willing to let people try your system for free. I’ve studied which systems are the most successful at C2 (successful in the sense of earning the most money for their owners). It is, without doubt, those systems that offer free trials of at least 7 days.

Remember, you’re selling intellectual property through the Internet, not diamonds through the mail; and so the marginal cost of allowing one additional person to try your system is very close to zero.

After all, would you trade someone’s system, with real money, without trying it out first? Sure, by offering a trial, you’ll get a lot of not-too-serious trialers, but ultimately you’ll also wind up with more traffic, more interest, and more paying subscribers.

But it’s up to you. You can remove your free trial by going to EDIT SYSTEM DETAILS (on your system page, under the ADMIN menu), and then setting the trial period to “0”.


Listen to what Matt is saying. You need to give people a sense that the system is working and fits their personal trading style and risk tolerance. It also gives subscribers a chance to better understand you and your responsiveness and communication style.

At your current price, I would not expect many people to sign on without at least a few weeks of trial. My personal advice is to lower your monthly fee and extend the trial to at least 15 days. You will get more traffic to your system - without that you’ll never make any significant money as a system developer here.