Thank you C2 & ALL developers I appreciate you

I have been trying to make money in the market for YEARS.
I have not been successful.
I work 8-5 M-F at a regular sales job.
I have spent THOUSANDS on useless classes/courses. I knew I was going nowhere & saw no way to improve my situation until I STUMBLED upon C2. I think my keyword was “autotrade” in my Google search. Anyways, I have been subscribing to strategies for the last 4 months. Some did not work out for me, others are working well. That’s not to say I wouldn’t revisit those other strategies 1 day.
I am still learning how to put together a portfolio that I am comfortable with, but I feel like I’m starting to get it “dialed-in”.For ME, it’s like putting together a baseball team. A line-up of all home-run hitters won’t get the job done. You need a guy that can get on base. A guy that can play defense. A base stealer, starting pitcher, closer, etc. it is a long season. The ultimate goal: win more games than you lose, right?
Thank you to EVERYONE on the website who has spent late nights, weekends, researching & fine-tuning their strategies. Most of all, thank you for offering to share it with me.
Thank you to all who have contributed warnings, guidance, general advice in the forum & to me directly via “messages”, there are too many to name.
At times I think you can be too critical on each-other, but if you’re the one on the short end of the stick & your intentions are truly good, keep plugging away, it will only make this community stronger.
Thank you Matthew for making all of this all possible, I am very appreciative.


Very nice of you to post this. I hope in a year from now you will be as enthusiastic and profitable as you are now. I think it´s certainly possible. There are quite a few good systems around.

You mentioned you´re still learning about putting a portfolio together that comforts you. Just in case you need some input in that matter I recommend the guide on portfolio building I´ve written a couple weeks ago. Follower guide to consistent profits

All the best to your continued financial journey!

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Thanks for the very positive post! I love the baseball team analogy! :slight_smile: I hope your team makes it to the World Series! (And for those outside of North America, I know it’s a bit egocentric for us to call our baseball championship the “World Series”…so apologies for that…and of course then there’s the whole “football” thing too! ;)) Best wishes!

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