The 10 fastest ways to lose your money in C2!

From my experience and that of my partners, I am writing here all the ways I know to help you to part with your money at the highest possible speed… :wink:

Many have adopted these advice in the past and have seen great success with this goal…:joy:

Lets start:

  1. Invest all your money in one strategy and do not settle for it… Use leverage as much as you can … The broker will be happy to give you maximum leverage…

  2. Invest a large amount of money that will not let you sleep at night quietly … Who needs many hours of sleep nowadays? .

  3. Choose a strategy by the results and ignore its risk … The chance that something bad will happen is small and you will probably withdraw all your profits before it occures…

  4. Choose a strategy that trades in options or in forex even if you only understand in stocks… What does it matter? Forex, Options, Futures… Who cares?

  5. Choose a strategy whose profit per trade is very small, few cents or pips… the best is profit which come from the spread… It does a lot of trades and overall shows great results … Probably you will retire in six months…

  6. Choose a strategy that hardly shows losses… This is the best on earth! There’ s no way you will lose right when you join…

  7. Choose a strategy that continues to buy more and more even if the market goes against the trade… After all, the market is always come back and you will make a lot of money…

  8. Choose a strategy whose developer changes its rules all the time … This is excellent even if the results you see are no longer relevant…

  9. Choose the cheapest strategy there is … Why pay more if you can find a strategy for $20? This is enough for the developer… He doesn’t do too much after all…

  10. This is the best one: In the first drawdown, unsubscribe immediately… You’ve lost enough… Why stay with a stupid developer who don’t know when to buy? You know better than him…

I’d be happy to see some more good tips and recommendations… :wink:


How about choosing strategies that charge too much fees (such as over $1,000 usually). Just because the developer charges alot does not mean your funds are anymore secure… :laughing:


Choose a strategy with only few trades, not even 1 month old, and whose developer is
heavily promoting it on forum?
This is No. 1. of all ways to lose money on C2.

Ha! @RobertPeterson hits most of them on the head, however this is a solid addition.

This one is incorrect, others are good.
I know two good strategies here for 25$ each. Trade leader does a really good job. :slight_smile:

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Another one:
If the developer has not made any trade for a week or two, then leave him asap and subscribe to one who do a lot of trades :monkey:

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I think that especially at this time when volatility is going up and down, it’s an excellent time to read and not forget the posts listed above.

Quite a few strategies are collapsing mainly because of poor risk management and more strategies will soon loss all investors’ money here.
This is very sad to see this although I have a strange feeling that part of the participates in this forum are too happy to see this phenomenon :frowning:

Warren Buffett said:
“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”.

I think that these days the tide goes out… and it is just starting…

The risk management is more important than the performance because if you loss your money, you will not be able to produce any return any more, right? But if you have a strong risk management then every day is a new opportunity to generate a profit …

Investor, choose right!


You are absolutely right. Gold words.

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I read some excellent advice somewhere:

If you want to be a good trader then it is very important that you will have additional and permanent income that is not related to your trading results.
This income is essential to give you the patience and the ability to run your trading strategy.

Many investors are give up a good strategy at the very worst moment for them. Regular income can help solve this phenomenon.

To my opinion, this is a very important advice :+1:


You’re right. I practice it. Interest on bank deposits, coupon income on bonds, dividends from stocks, cashbacks. Receiving income of at least 1/2 must be postponed. These are my passive incomes as a trader.


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Yes, that is absolutely the best way for a trader to survive even for daytraders. As traders we all know there will be losing periods and periods where there can be no profits. This can be very stressful and lead to taking bad trades.

In fact, that advice also applies to subs. Subs should not rely solely on aggressive strategies and have other methods of income that are almost guaranteed as @MAP has mentioned.

Its like a portfolio where there are aggressive forms of investments and conservative forms of investments. There should always be conservative investments to supplement any losses from the aggressive forms of investments.


Yes, i would agree with that. regards

It’s correct!

How to recover DD (sufficient) after losing trades is important and more difficult than just keeping the profit going.

agree with above reply - system fee means nothing…some real bargains out there…