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The Cash is the king?


Thanks Tim!

Cash signal is good position in trading. Why? Because this is the only position that you know for sure what the performance will be. It is a great position especially when the market is under pressure and the trend could be changed in a seconds…

I like this position from many reasons and especially from the point of view of my partners which liked it very much in the last 2 months :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok…Here we are asking the same question again…

Is Cash still the king?

Last time we asked this question was just a week before the crash in February and the answer was Yes. Big yes… (See this at the begining of the this thread… )

What about today?
Well, my answer according to my system output is basically no and yes… :frowning:

Why not?
Because it seems that the storm is over and now is the time to leave sideline and trade the market with all the funds… Many signs tell us that the fear is gone and a new wave of optimism has been started…This wave may last even years…

Why yes?
Because some technical signs start to flash recently telling to my system that although the sky looks bright, a dark clouds in the horizon and the risk can jump in any moment. Maybe Febuary was just the first dish…:frowning:

So what to do?
As usual, the answer is lying in the money and risk managment… In this period we must change our attitude to the market very frequently… Maybe every few minutes or hours… Everyday could be totally different from the day before… This is not 2017 :slight_smile:

This is a challenging period especially for the regular trader… We have automatic algo system and as a result everything is much easy for us…The system tryies to measure the risk at any moment and act accordingly, something which is almost inhuman to do…

As we said before, this is not 2017. This is 2018. Be careful! The game is tottaly different.

In summarize, Cash is not the king at the moment but we could see him back in any moment…
The good news is that historically the unclear environment usually last only a month or two before we will know better where we stand…

Is anyone share with me similar thoughts?


In my opinion, cash is NOT the king when subs have to pay high monthly fees such as $500 monthly or higher especially if it persists for months on end. This is where we discover which strategies are the most robust (during volatile periods). Most people can make money in a bull market so if the strategy is based on waiting for the next cycle I would stay clear of it.


AlgoSystems wrote:

“In my opinion, cash is NOT the king when subs have to pay high monthly fees such as $500 monthly or higher”

Do you still see a connection after 20 years of trading (as you mention in your profile :slight_smile: ) between signals, money and risk management, to your subscription fees?? Are you serious??

If you think that the developer should be in the market because you paid him a subscription fee and the developer think like you do, both of you should leave the market and donate your funds asap… :slight_smile:

I am speaking about measuring the fear and greed and how to reduce the risk to the minimum…
Cash position is the safest position in this game…The whole idea is to add/reduce shares according the risk/reward and if it is out of your spectrum then Cash position is your best choice…

The subscription fees should not be an input in any strategy :slight_smile:


I totally agree. Sometimes, the best decision is to keep cash and wait for a better time to enter the market. I use quantitative strategies, which include automatic risk management mechanisms.

Currently, for my main Fund, my Algorithm indicates keeping 66% of the resources in cash. This represents a position in line with the current market situation. It seems to me.


Well if fees should not be an issue then a free months fee when there is no profit shouldn’t matter either? lol…


In fact, I do wish C2 should implement a no fee charged policy for systems that make no profits for the month! lol…But alas, that would probably drive away quite a few developers?


They cannot legally do that without changing their business model. NFA and FINRA would come down on them hard. That falls too close to pay per performance.

However, I do see where the subscribers are coming from. This site is a signal service provider, and to charge money without providing signals is at best shady. Unless it is explicitly stated that there could be months (or whatever specified time) without a signal.


@InTheMoneyResearch there are lots of shady people at C2 if you review the forum posts. I personally fell for one guy who claimed he worked on wallstreet and that he was guaranteeing making 5k monthly with his system and now he’s gone after making other sensationalist claims about other systems.

I’ve seen some other systems that stop trading once they start having subs as well.