A New FX Strategy

It’s ‘private’ and that’s quite a flat equity curve for half your backtest - good luck anyway :slight_smile:


@Peter Ohh, thank you! Now, it is not private! The strategy has a relative drawdown rule.
The EA stops to trade for a month if it has 5% DD of not initial, the current balance.
Thank you for your words!

Why do you call it “2 percent DD” since the strategy has already 15,7% DD??

And everyone can see that the backtest has a 10,55% DD !!

Dude, are you sure that you are really a math genius?? :rofl:


@newt The strategy will start to run on Monday. You are really strange person.
2% DD is for a combo trades. What hapens if you have 5 continuous loss?
I write, your DD equals 10%. You are too strange person.

Never met a backtest I didn’t like :wink:

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If I understand correctly, he is saying that he is risking no more than 2% per trade.
And if the drawdown reaches 5% he will stop trading for a month (a sound money management idea by the way).

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Then he should rename the strategy into
“max 2% loss per trade”

In this case I’m not sure the trader understands the difference between a drawdown and a “loss per trade”.

He already restarted or cancelled the strategy about 3-4 times in the last few weeks, with more than 10%DD each time.
In this case he shouldn’t be trading for the next few months… until next year I guess.