The least popular stocks system

I am the most confused vendor with the least popular trading system.

Have a look at these please:


What, exactly, do you want me to say? Your system is not currently being viewed by a lot of people.

However your performance seems very good to me, so I think you need to do a better job promoting it.

At the risk of sounding like I’m asking for your money, there are some internal marketing avenues you can pursue on C2, such as Featuring your system or advertising it on the home page.

If you are not interested in those choices, then simply participating in other people’s forums (or maintaining an interesting C2 forum of your own) tends to draw viewers and then, ultimately, subscribers.

If you have further questions, contact me by email.

Hi Bob just don’t get impatient. If you keep your chart going up the way it has you will get plenty of notoriety. The most important criteria on C2 is your performance. Your signals are doing well enough to get noticed. It just takes a little more time than you thought.

I have advertized on C2 with fairly good results. As Mathew stated it may be the way to go for you.

Good Luck

Thanks for your gently words.

I am pretty sure, that my time will arrive :slight_smile:

And I was quietly waiting. But the least popular system?

Understand me please. I am a programmer. And there is some algorithm behind “The Grid”. And I am not able to imagine, what algoritm can give such results. So I am inclined to think that this is a bug. And bugs in algorithms are programmer’s daily bread. (Am I right, Matt?) So it is not my impatience, but my professional deformation, which have led me to the previous post.

Sincerely Bob

Least popular means that few people viewed your system. Why is that so hard to imagine?

Popularity is in part a self-fulfilling prophecy, because people will often view popular systems which then become even more popular.

Also, your systems trades stocks and I can imagine that many people interested in stocks think that this is not a good time to enter the stock market.

Well, I know very little about psychology.

But I am pretty sure, that 34 > 6 > 2.


? Where did you get these numbers?

See pictures on the posted page

-> Crowd Opinion -> Viewed X times


I see that you’ve only been here a couple of months. I’m going on 3 years. I think you’ll find that few will take interest until you have at least 6 months under your belt. In general, you’ll find it best to sit quietly in the weeds building a decent history. Only then jump out with both guns blazing. A solid - and lengthy - history is the only way to quiet the critics.

However, a bit of a short cut is to offer your services for free for at least 6 months. You’ll get subscribers that are willing to watch (but probably not trade…) your trades in real time. When/if you’ve proven yourself to them, you’ll be able to start charging.

It will take time. You’ll find that you won’t establish an income stream here immediately.

Just 2 cents, please,


It’s not the number of views. It’s the number of views over the last X days.

Hans did giving away your signal free work for you? I have had SMA now for over 3 months, for free. Performing well and only one subscriber. [LINKSYSTEM_29668147]

Yes, it seems to work, but you also have to have some way of getting noticed. I see that up until about a month ago, SMA probably was not on the radar screen at all. But now you are in Best Systems, etc. It should help - just give it a bit of time.


Um, also…

It doesn’t hurt to mention what you anticipate that you will charge and possibly when. If it’s free now, but will be $500 next month, you’ll probably have few takers. Those who sign up like to know what to expect when/if you earn their trust. Often you will not even be able to give it away if your future business strategy isn’t disclosed.


Thank You Hans. I will change that right now. SMA will be $25 monthly when I start charging. [LINKSYSTEM_29668147]

Matt, excuse me, but i see on my monitor: Viewed 2 times.

Not Viewed 2 times over the last X days.

What is the X, please?

Where is some description about it, please?

If I knew it, this discussion would not exist. And you and me could save our time.

Matt, I know, that documentation is always the problem.

What about Wiki page? I am sure that C2 Wiki page will find its contributors.

(I promise - you will not see my pseudo English there.)

Last 24 hours, sorry!

"What about Wiki page?"

THAT is a good idea!

I’ve always toyed with the idea… but then have been worried I’d spend a ton of time setting it up, only to have no one participate. But maybe it’s worth a try. I’ll try to find some off-the-shelf software I can modify so the wiki can share C2 login credentials.

Wiki sounds like a really good idea.



By the way, Matt: Crowd Opinion -> Viewed X times is not “Viewed X times over the last 24 hours”.

It must be some misunderstanding, but let’s leave it.