The right broker?

Is there such a thing as “a good broker for C2”? Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. Connects to C2 with a working Gen3 connection

2. Can trade most or all the systems on C2: equities, options including selling naked puts and calls; futures including less-traded ones like DAX; and forex

3. Reasonable commissions, fees, and executions

(Note I did not ask for “the lowest fees” or “superb customer service” or “brilliant reporting and accounting”. I just want something that works)

Please let me know, thank you.

PFG Best would be that broker if only they could make Gen 3 work. Hopefully they don’t do the same individuals only so proprietary accounts could use TOS.

MBTrading supports what you describe.

Hi Francis, MB Trading does not allow naked options selling, nor do they offer DAX or Eurostoxx futures among others, FYI. I’ve also been unable to get Gen3 to work with them (C2 help has looked into it…)

That’s right, I forgot they don’t support Eurex.

They do support naked options trading, but your account must be permissioned for it. See

Thanks Francis, I checked out that page and it doesn’t discuss naked selling, in addition I had gotten this message from them:

I see that you attempted to submit three separate Options orders to

sell-write 45 contracts of +XXXX-120519C25.00. Writing a naked or

uncovered option is not allowed, you can write the contract if the

position was covered with a long position in XXXX.

I will contact their chat line again and see if I can get a different answer. Still have not been able to connect to them via Gen3, Alen is looking into it but it’s a mystery, apparently OK on the MB side and the C2 side.