The tariff plan is professional = 299 USD per month

What are the pitfalls of this tariff.

100% will the developer receive from his subscribers?

Who has this tariff plan? Is it true that 100% of the cost of the subscription goes to the developer of the strategy? Or is it not true?

Think this will answer some of your questions.
That 100 % payout of fees, you have to set all pricing and processing by yourself.

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Got it. Thank you. This is 100% of the clients of which I myself brought through other resources.

Why do they write to me in the support service? Log in and you will receive 100%. -)

  1. Now I have a tariff for 99. I do not want to do websites, I do not want to attract other people’s resources. Question. Will I receive 100% if I simply transfer the tariff from 99 (now I give 50% of income) to 299 (will I receive 100%?).

Get direct answers and email Marc in support or Matthew with your questions instead of cluttering up the forum. Or perhaps it is your intention to clutter up the forum?

I wrote. He writes another. And where is the truth? Here they write one thing, and they write another. So somewhere a lie. I want to understand this. Is it bad?

write directly that if the developer brings you a client, he will receive 100%, and if he does not give how much I will receive% is also 100%? I meant it. What percentage will I receive when switching to another tariff plan - without creating sites. Now 50%, and will become 100% doing nothing but just crying not 99 and 299. Or there are nuans. Explain this to me.

Hi, MAP, please contact and let them know you are interested in learning more about the Professional Plan. For now, I’ll close this thread.