Upgrades to speed C2 up?


What is the status of ongoing activities to speed C2 up? Stats take many hours to update. Are you planning some significant upgrades in terms of hardware &/or software to speed things up to real-time? Please fill us in on your plans. Thanks,


Which stats specifically do you feel take "many hours to update?" I am unaware of any important (non-summary) stats that are delayed to any significant degree. Please explain what you think is slow.

My stats for my account sometimes don’t show the proper % gain/loss for 3-4 hours after the market closes. Overall, the response time for screens, etc. seems sluggish. Just wondering what your plans are.


We’ve already spent a lot of money and installed a lot of new fancy hardware, and I personally feel the site is much faster now. So that’s why I’m curious to know which screens specifically you think are still sluggish. We can certainly look into improving them, but it’s helpful to know to which screens you are referring.

Its 9:00 pm EST and my main screen has not yet shown the changes for the day today - the monthly results, the chart, and the statistics still show the data from yesterday.

Matthew - So I gave you your data - what are your plans for speeding the system up?

We’re going to look into it and see how we can improve this with smarter scheduling of background calculations.