Too many problems

Too many problems in C2. Errors in feeding prices are too frequent, but the relevant aspect is another.

Suppose you insert a buy order stop at 100. At the same time you insert a stop limit at 120 and a stop loss at 90.

Suppose the order is not executed because problems and suppose it is processed after an hour when prices touched 115 and then 80.

This will result in a BTO operation at 100 and a stop loss at 90, because stop profit was not reached.

If there were no problems, once bought and touched 115, in my discretion I can close with a profit, say, of ten points.

I mean: there is really no way to solve the problem. Simply, there are too much errors. So this can happen frequently as told. Moreover other operations can be executed on this time interval, and so on.

This is frustrating because you are afraid and not confident.

In this cases, NEVER TRY TO DELETE SOMETHING! I am suggesting this because C2 is not suggeting this… probably they do not know the problem?

If in such a situation you tray to cancel the orders that seem not processed, you will receive the reply that you cannot cancel because the order is processed instead… After that something succeeds: in fact the machine closes the half executed and half suspended order at the current prices and at the current time so bypassing what was on the air. This succeeded twice, last time yesterday at 8:30.

After that, also if there is the correction, this is frustrating again because no one send a message to say: “We apologize, we have correct so and so and this happened for this reason.” Perhaps it is me that should apologize because I paid single dollars and cannot have single responses. So you shall control continuosly if the problem is solved. I conclude that the best thing is not to have subscribers. On futures on currencies there are problems. Without speaking of some problems where it is not clear what happened (all orders deleted but one, where 1 contract was trasformed in 11 and we think that it was not a mistyping), the real problem is timing: an order can be not processed for half an hour, and for this reason many correction we have already requested. If our system closes on close, we are waiting for futures close on the evening, obviously. Many and many times futures have instead been opened all the night. Now the problem seems solved (not always), but no one has written one row to us to explain. We signalled that sometime the system deletes all orders. You obviously understand the fact when it has happened and cannot have the full documentation of the problem. They reply that it is not possible. But probably the C2 machine does not know that such an error is not possible and creates the problem anyway. To solve the problem, please tell the machine that the error is not possible. This is surely so, because other guys wrote and signalled the same problem. A slovenian provider signalled twice these disappearing problems one following the other, in minutes.

It seems that we disturb? Moreover there is not a clear explication of the rights of the providers if the brokers uses the systems. Try to read the ‘for brokers’ description: it seems that providers are nothing, a property of C2 probably, and all facilitations are for broker. Surely I have mis-read. As mis-typing and so on?

Not to say another thing that I write now: I have sent to my customers the rating. It seems that it is not correct. If so the certification is therefore useless.

Now M.Klein says: we are changing it. Legal problems sometimes, not legal problems in other circumstances. Legal problems depend by circumstances.

I will write to my customers: "We apologize, our rating was not serious, therefore we are not serious. We beg your pardon."

Too many problems.

Obviously I am waiting for a reply where they say "Thank you for pointing out problems. We send a symbolic dollar for the time spent by you."

The reality and replies will be probably fully different.

Also this situation and polemics on forums are another problem. Too many problems. It is a pity, because we started with enthusiasm.

Moreover, I explained to my personnel that C2 was very good and so on.

Please help me to avoid their irony now.

I have appreciated the Klein idea, but the application is not at the same level (of the idea). We should collaborate with Klein to ameliorate, but I am waiting for a different level of kindness.

Ernesto Giorgi, chairman at Seleukos Unlimited, in finance from 1971, not yesterday.