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"Top Options" system - nice to meet


So far since I added this system to my sim it hasn’t made any money. This probably coincided with the fact that there are actually subscribers now to this system.

Still observing but I don’t have very high hopes for the way this system works…averaging down options trades that are far out of the money. Liquidity should be a factor since it would be difficult to fill at the trade prices.


Not looking good on sim so far. I am down almost 10k with a 1x scaling of this strategy. Wondering how paying subs are faring?


Correction…more than 12k down.


Its weird the equity curve for the strategy doesn’t reflect the same losses that I have on my sim.


Now its reflected on the equity curve…guess the equity curve is delayed.


Gonna end this testing with almost a 30% drawdown in less than 2 weeks.


I’ll stand by this, watching him plow 40% of his portfolio into an OTM Apple call 1-week out.

Literally playing with fire here. No TOS so he doesn’t care, just start a new one like he did before.


I agree…long only calls is a recipe for disaster in bear markets. On top of the overleveraging committing more than 20% of your capital in one trade won’t last very long.


what’s wrong with betting 50% of your balance on a long weekly option? its only paper money.


I feel sorry for those subs that got sucked into this strategy. Its down so much now more than 50% off its peak. If the bull market comes back they may get a chance to recover back but if this correction continues its game over soon.


There is always something to learn as a subscriber. i also learned it the hard way.


No one listens.

Without seeing the trade, I’m guessing he:
-plowed another 50% of his fund into a single option trade. Except this time it hasn’t worked out.
-will also probably put even more into this trade trying to get out of it. If he does make it out, great. If not, oh well, not his money, right?

Again, just a guess… :thinking: